Monday, April 21, 2008

Spot the Difference

Here's Zac in a sleep suit at 8 months.

And here's Sunny in the same suit at 9 months. Zacy has chubbier cheeks but I can see a resemblance, finally! So many people have been saying how they look alike.

Zac the Artist

We've been climbing the walls having been stuck inside with all this rain. So to help keep the little tiger amused, I made some play-doh and bought some paints. Here he is beside his first creation.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Zac the Crocodile Hunter

Messing around with the next-door neighbour's pool pet

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We've Been Warhol-ed

My good buddies and I hamming it up at the Andy Warhol exhibition in Brisvegas (here's lookin at you Rose and Leil :)).

Sunny Wee 7.5 Months

My daughter's getting fat again after a nasty bout of giardia. The poor thing lost 10% of her body weight. Two weeks later, she's gone from this...

... to this. And we're all much happier!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Australia Day Antics

Lots of fun and frivolity was had at the Wildman house on Australia Day, thanks to Triple J Hottest 100, beer, champers and later on, Nad's Jagermeister. Here's Leila and I carving up the dancefloor with the kids (we're still hip and cool).

Lookin' a bit pissy here Kaz.

The McG bro's talking rubbish (nice trackie top Dan)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Australia Zoo

Is this croc for real?!

Zac is the king of tantrums now. He certainly loves to chuck a wobbly. He must've been a bit excited to be at the zoo because it was tantrum city for the first half hour. Tantie's over, everybody's happy!

Go Terri!

Zacy in the Crocodile Hunter's 4WD (MUST...SHUT...THAT...WINDOW!)

Sunny Coast Holiday

Here's some snaps taken from our recent holiday on the Sunshine Coast. Since the arrival of two kids, our holidays have shifted from lots of swimming, drinking and sex to lots of child-minding and pandering. Was still fun though. Glad we had Grandma with us, to share the "fun" around!

Here's Zac in one of his "too cool for school" moods, taken on our first night out at a surf club. Dinner out with a toddler = no fun. Lots of alcohol was needed to stop me from strangling my own son!

The alcohol has kicked in! Happy times with my princess.

There was some acrobatic equipment at our resort which we tried out when the sun came out. This is Zac on the trampoline bungy. He wasn't too keen, don't think he's cut out for circus stuff...

And here's Mum and I out at dinner. Dinner was absolutely sensational, the best Italian I've had in a while. Poor Scotty was left at home with two screaming kids, tuckered out from our visit to Australia Zoo.

Six Months and Growing

Little princess is sitting up now. Still smiling!

This one's taken mid-squeal.

Four Little Worms Who Can't Sit Still

I said sit still!!